Yasuhiro Ohtsuka

Yasuhiro Ohtsuka

Patent Attorney, Managing Partner

Japanese Patent Attorney since 1999.


Patent prosecution, appeal proceedings, oppositions, invalidation actions, and litigation in the technical fields of information processing, image processing, user interfaces, telecommunications, mechatronics, toys, and gaming

Patent evaluation and assessment

Assistance in cross-border cases

Injunction proceedings at customs


M.S., The University of Tokyo, Electronic and Information Engineering

Ph.D., The University of Tokyo, Electronic and Information Engineering (with emphasis on CMOS image sensors, image processing and information processing)

Memberships, Positions and Academic Activities

Japan Patent Attorneys Association

2000 Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Research fellow in telecommunications at the Hattori Research Laboratory (Sophia University)

The Imaging Society of Japan

Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers

Academic Publications

Image Sensor with Spatially Variant Flexible Sampling Control (The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers), ICIP (IEEE), etc.


Patent Law and its Practice (co-author; published by Ohm)

The Fundamentals of Patents (co-author; published by Ohm)

Frequently Asked Questions about Patents (co-author; published by Ohm)