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Patents and Utility Models

A major purpose of obtaining a patent is to prevent similar products from other companies from entering the market, but it is also important to do this in parallel with a realistic strategic plan. Therefore, we make sure to understand first whether the objective of filing a patent application is a step towards (1) obtaining global patent protection, (2) strengthening a patent portfolio, or (3) simply obtaining a standard patent. We then employ a strategy to prepare an application and proceeding in a way that is aligned with the objective.

Today, business continues to become more globalized, and Japanese patent applications can often be a preparation step for the next international application. The quality of international applications depends on the quality of the domestic patent application on which they are based. Here, at Ohtsuka Patent Office, we aim to prepare a Japanese application with the level of quality needed for an international application by keeping in mind how the application will translate into English. Further, we have extensive experience with preparing application documents in English and filing international applications directly in English-speaking jurisdictions.

If the objective of an application is the first step towards obtaining global patent protection, it is important to set targets such as where and when to secure a patent, and determine which application route is the best to achieve these targets, and how this will affect costs and efficiency. The range of options available to applicants is broadening. For example, we have successfully taken advantage of the speedy examination of the JPO to obtain allowances more quickly in foreign countries.

We have collaborated with local counsel in Europe, the United States, the BRICs, South Korea, and several countries in Southeast Asia over many years, and have driven the acquisition of IP rights in each country based on their local information and knowledge. Further, we have actively made use of systems such as PPH and PCT-PPH in those countries to streamline the process. We have conducted business in an efficient manner that maintains a high quality of work when working with these local counsel.

In this way, we at Ohtsuka Patent Office uses our extensive experience in patent practice in Japan and overseas and in patent litigation, and work hard to obtain and enforce meaningful patent rights.

Fields of Expertise

  • Computers and Business appliances
  • Software
  • Communication technology and Mobile communications
  • Internet and Electronic commerce
  • Semiconductor-related technology
  • Medical devices and appliances
  • Vehicle-related technology
  • Amusements and Games
  • Polymers
  • Medicines and Biotechnology
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