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At Ohtsuka Patent Office, our patent team provides dynamic services to help our clients turn their inventions (innovations) into globally valuable patent portfolios. Design is also an important part of maximizing the value of products and as such, we have strengthened our design team.

Practice Areas

Computers and Electronics  (including Information processing, Communications, Semiconductors, Electronic circuitry)

Our Computers and Electronics Group includes many patent attorneys and patent engineers who have engaged in R&D for example in electrical/electronic engineering, information processing, software, mobile and other telecommunications, and security/encryption. The group members cover (1) software, information processing, image processing and encoding, (2) wireless and mobile communications, communication-related technologies such as Internet and e-commerce transactions, and (3) device technologies such as electronic circuits, semiconductors as well as their manufacturing and computer aided design (CAD).

Mechanical(including Vehicles, Robots, Control Engineering, FA devices)

Our Mechanical Group covers automotives, robotics and control engineering. Typically, most people envisage hardware, but a major trend has been the rapid evolution of electronic control. As a result, it is essential to understand how to control machines from the viewpoint of electronic control, in addition to accurately grasping the structure of hardware and the features of any mechanisms. Our Mechanical Group includes experts in mechanical as well as in control and electronic engineering.

Amusements and Games

Software creates new types of design and bring change to law and practice -change that demands a fresh look for new challenges and opportunities.
In response to the recent trend towards such designs, we have strengthened our Design Team, bringing in several members from our software/mechanical team.

Medical devices (including Diagnostic devices, Measurement devices)

Inventions in medical disciplines, in particular for diagnostics and therapeutics, are of vital importance. Yet patenting such inventions requires knowledge of sophisticated technology, for instance, of information and image processing technologies. In addition to having experts with a thorough understanding of biomedical systems, our Medical Devices Group comprises members having backgrounds in information processing, image processing, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals who can provide comprehensive service.

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biological

In particular for pharmaceuticals, frequent changes in patent law and practice have made this field very dynamic. As such, we constantly provide information on relevant developments in Japan to our clients, and advise them in developing optimal IP and business strategy.

Our Chemical/Pharmaceuticals Group comprises patent attorneys, chemists and pharmacists who have experienced in developing IP strategy at some of Japan's leading pharmaceutical companies, in addition to being experts in litigation and licensing.

Amusements and Games

These fields require a unique understanding of the industry-specific technologies of software, information processing, and other information and communication technology areas that relate to game patents. Our Amusements and Games Group comprises members with an abundance of experience in software, information processing, image processing, and telecommunications.

Litigation Skill and Experience

Patent rights are an important tool for gaining market share and excluding competitors. Specifically, patents are put to use through license negotiations and other enforcement measures. We place great importance on these rights and measures, and have dealt with a large number of disputes over the years. Our litigation teams have the right skills to support clients through any negotiation or dispute.

Every patent-related dispute should be considered from both legal and technological standpoints. When building a case, it is important for lawyers having expertise in law and patent attorneys having expertise in technology to work together. Our main role is to provide offensive or defensive arguments by determining whether there is infringement from a technical point of view and assessing patent validity.

In recent years we have participated in a number of cases concerning standard essential patents in the area of 3G and LTE wireless communications.

We also support cross-border cases by analyzing patents and searching for prior art both in and outside Japan.


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