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Our Members

At Ohtsuka International Patent Office we understand that inventions are the engine of technology. Our deep understanding of IP enables us to prosecute patents with optimal judgment. We have helped build valuable international patent portfolios for some of the worldfs greatest companies. In prosecuting patents, both a technical and a legal understanding are vital. At Ohtsuka International Patent Office, we have built a team highly competent from both technical and legal perspectives.

To develop a deep legal understanding with regards to patents, it is important to keep up with the latest developments in patent prosecution, court decisions and examination standards in the major powers. In this regard, we have provided articles introducing CAFC decisions for over 14 years in the monthly legal journal (The Lawyers).

Our Members by Field of Expertise

Electronic Systemsiincluding Information processing, Communications, Semiconductors, Electronic circuitryj

Electronic Systems (including Information processing, Communications, Semiconductors, Electronic circuitry)"Electronic Systems" includes (1) Software technologies such as Information processing, Image processing, and encoding; (2) Communication related technologies such as Wireless/Mobile communications, and Internet/e-commerce transactions; and (3) Device related technologies such as Electronic circuitry, Semiconductors, Semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses, and design support apparatuses, all of which are have close mutual associations. Our team consists of members that are experts in the electric/electronic engineering, information processing, software, mobile communications, and security fields, and who have engaged in research either in industry or in academia, creating a team that is has lateral diversity of technological backgrounds.

Machines (including Vehivles, Robots, Control Engineering, FA devices)

The final products of these fields are hardware. In recent years, the electronic controlling of machines has increased by a large margin, and knowledge pertaining to electronic control has become a necessity. In addition to having the skills to accurately understand the features of the structure or mechanism of the hardware, it is desirable to have the skills to understand the invention also from the point of view of electronic control, i.e. how to control the machine. Thus, while this team specialized in mechanical engineering, it also includes several members with experience and a deep understanding of electronic control.

Medical devices (including Diagnostic devices, Measurement devices)

This field relates largely to diagnosis and therapy, or observation, but in order to achieve patentability of an invention relating to diagnosis or therapy, it is nevessary to pay close attention to the information processing technology or processing technology that enables the invention. Here, we have constructed a medical device team of members specializing in information processing, image processing, life sciences, and pharmacology in order to provide a broad foundation of expertise.

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biological

In this field, we provide a service that focuses on the target of each particular problem or theme. In addition to expertise in pharmacology, we have constructed a team that, amongst themselves, have sufficient experience within the pharmaceutical industry, and have a globally-minded outlook.

Amusements and Games

In this field, in addition to the fundamental technologies of software, information processing, and communications, it is nevessary to understand the modifications required to form games into patentable subject matter, and a deep understanding of the unique technologyof the industry. Here, we have constructed a team that has not only a wealth of experience in industry, but have expertise in Software, information processing, image processing, and the communication field.

Litigation support and Enforcement support

In this field, in relation to enforcement of intellectual property rights, such as patents, we conduct negotiations with the opponent in stages prior to any litigation, file requests for injunctions, file actions requesting damages, and file petitions for suspension of imports with Customs, and can also work to protect against similar enforcement of rights by third parties. Moreover, we also provide services relating to confirmation of absence of debt actions and requests for invalidationt trials. Here, it is naturally important to understand the patented invention and related technologies, and we have prepared teams that possess the skills to read the standard documents relating to patents (e.g. 3GPP, IEEE), who have a wealth of litigation experience, and have the capacity to respond to dynamic requests in a short period of time.

This team fulfils roles spanning from patent searches and general patent-related litigation matters, to acting as a technical team (Japanese patent litigation is often handled by two teams: a legal team (consisting of lawyers) who work from a procedural and legal perspective, and a technical team (consistign of patent attorneys) who work from the patent perspective, and in particular the technical perspective).


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