October 1, 2014
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October 1, 2014
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About Us

Having recently seen in our 40th year of business since founding Ohtsuka International Patent Office in 1974, I must first express my gratitude to our clients, who have placed their trust in our services for so many years and in doing so, empowered the continued growth of this firm.

At our office we have brought together individuals who are talented, skillful, and global-minded, forming a team with wide-ranging expertise, the core of which is rooted in IT. In the past 5 years alone, our team has obtained 8400 Japanese patent grants and 5900 foreign patent grants, and moreover, taken an active role in a number of high-interest patent litigation cases relating to infringement and validity disputes.

Our expertise encompasses communications technology, with an emphasis on information processing, image processing, and mobile communications, semiconductor devices, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, vehicle related technologies, control technologies, amusement technologies, medicines, medical/diagnostic technologies, and chemicals. Moreover, with key technological fields, we take a multi-layered approach in arranging the members of our team to ensure a depth of understanding from several aspects.

At Ohtsuka International Patent Office, we offer a comprehensive range of services relating to patents, designs, trademarks, trade secret protection, and unfair competition prevention law. We believe in the quality of our services, and in being one cut above the industry in protecting the interests of our clients and yielding results.

Here, through our members with a rich range of backgrounds and expertise, we provide the wealth of experience and understanding necessary maximize the potential of your intellectual property and develop the ideal strategy for your business in the coming years.

We strongly believe that smart IP sense will drive your business to success, which is the philosophy behind our office motto: gYour IP driveh.

Yasunori Ohtsuka,
Managing Partner


Our Members

In prosecuting patents, both a technical and a legal understanding are vital. At Ohtsuka Patent Office, we have built a team highly competent from both technical and legal perspectives. Our deep understanding of IP enables us to perform prosecution as well as litigation with optimal judgment.


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